Alice Gassman is a sweet little girl who, unlike most humans, is friendly towards the Rabbids and often plays with them and who appears in numerous episodes of season 2 of Rabbids Invasion. She is daughter of Mr. Gassman and Ashton Lincoln.


Alice is a typical sweet and kind-hearted little girl who enjoys playing with dolls. Unlike most humans, she is friendly towards the Rabbids who she often treats as friends and/or playmates.


She first appears in Rabbiddoll where she mistakes a rabbid for a toy.

Next she is seen in Rabbid Stratagems, where the rabbids try to get her tricycle in oreder to build their rocket, but fail. However, the kind-hearted girl then shows them something even better, a police motorbike.

In Lost Rabbids, she finds herself locked in a supermarket after closing time with two Rabbids. Though she is at first only desires to get out of the store, the Rabbids convince her to just wait and have fun with them. However their fun ends up activating the store's Neatbot which attacks the Rabbids when it detects traces of food on them. Alice gets the idea to use them Neatbot to break open the door and tries to lead the Neatbot into the door with gumballs but slips and falls before she is able to get away from the approaching Neatbot. However the two Rabbids manage to defend her from the Neatbot. Using a battery from Alice's doll, the Rabbids turn the Neatbot into a vehicle which they and Alice use to escape the store.

In A Rabbid's Valentine, she plays with her mothers ring and attempts to retrieve it after a rabbid took it. At the end, she finds it and brings it back.

In Mad Rabbid and the Genius's Mustache, it is revealed she gave Mad Rabbid his wig and a mustache. It is also seen that he upgraded her doll into a robot toy.

In Rabbid Handcuffs, Thief Rabbid crashes into her bike while from the FBI Rabbids. She later tells the FBI Rabbid and Lapinibernatus which way he went and allows them to borrow her bike so they can catch him.

In Queen of Rabbid