Ashton Lincoln is a recurring character in Rabbids Invasion.


Ashton is an irritable enemy of the Rabbids. She is a frequent target of their antics. Many episodes end with the Rabbids seriously injuring her or stealing her possessions, but she always appears unharmed in the next one. She appears the most out of the human characters.

Ashton's basic outfit is a white tank top and a pair of blue jeans. She has also worn a wedding dress (Until Rabbids Do You Part), a bikini (Ring! Bwaaah!), and a pink dress (Get in Line, Rabbids!). Every single one of her outfits has shoulder straps.


Ashton's silhouette appears in the Rabbids Invasion theme song and in the end credits.

Ashton made her first appearance in Rabbids Say Cheese when she's at the photo booth in the mall having her pictures are done.

She makes three brief appearances in Rabbid Market when her legs were seen in the mall and the store as one of the shoppers when the Rabbids cause a ruckus. In the end, she was last last seen watching a Rabbid dancing with the pepper juice costume on after a bit of giggling.

In Elevatorus Rabbidinus, Ashton makes her second appearance when she's taking to her friend on the second floor of the mall until Professor Barranco 3 and his Rabbids made a run with the shopping cart leaving her and the other shoppers terrified.

She makes a brief appearance in Rabbids Against the Machine, as one of the shoppers in the mall.

In Ring! Bwaaah!, she's at the park sitting on a bench having a conversation with someone on her smartphone. Meanwhile, a group of Rabbids appeared behind the bench and spotted Ashton with her phone. They ran over to her and quickly interrupted the conversation permanently forcing her to move elsewhere leaving her phone behind on the bench.

In Keypad Rabbids, Ashton made a brief cameo appearance in the beginning of the episode when she's walking down the left side of the apartment building.

In Never Refreeze a Rabbid, Ashton appears in the beginning of the episode as she walks with her shopping cart down the store isle. She appears again when she makes a turn down the isle until she bumps into a Rabbid who's looking for help in a cute charming way. The Rabbid tries to speak to Ashton but she couldn't understand his language and tries to think for a moment until he when back to his normal Rabbid talking. Now that Ashton was astonished by him, she says "awkward" as she moves quickly away from him to somewhere else.