Grace is a protagonist in Rabbids Invasion. She is an attractive young woman who is often seen exercising and engaged in other activities. For the most part she has a neutral relationship with the Rabbids. She is friends with Stacy.


Grace made her first appearance in the episode of Runway Rabbids when she was playing tennis with Stacy.

She made her second appearance in Raving Lifeguard where Grace changed her outfit from sports wear to beach wear while at the beach. In the beginning, One of the Rabbids kicked a melon right in her face until she was saved by lifeguard Lucius.

In Rabbid Market, Grace was seen at the shopping mall wearing her sports wear again when Kevin makes a speech to promote Pepper Juice.

In Keypad Rabbids, Grace made a cameo appearance when she came out of the apartment building right in front of the Rabbids while going out jogging.

In Special Agent Rabbids, she plays the role of damsel-in-distress in the episode, when she is tied up and gagged in a warehouse near a time bomb and ends up being rescued by Special Agent Homer with "help" from two friendly Rabbids. How and why she actually ended up in this situation is left unexplained. In this episode, she wears formal evening wear, an ornate hairpin, and makeup.

In the episode of Voiceless Rabbid, Grace was seen in the neighborhood when she's exercising by the boom box on her front porch. The Rabbid spotted Grace exercising by her boom box as he tries to sneak past her and grab the box out of her sight when she's weightlifting with her eyes closed. She lift her eyes to see a Rabbid holding her boom box in front of her until she realized he's stealing it when he disappeared from her view. In the chase, Grace throws two of her weights at the Rabbid to knock him out in order to get it back from him.