The Hypno Fan is a fairly new weapon used by Rabbids first seen in the Rabbids Invasion episode, Hypno Rabbid.  It looks like a blue pinwheel with a swirly pattern, and when the Rabbid holding it makes the fan spin, the victim is hypnotized.  In Hypno Rabbid, it was established that when a Rabbid is hypnotized (when Professor Barranco 3's minions used a Hypno Fan against him), he falls into a trance in which he obeys all commands given to him, and his body can easily be moved by others into any position.  But the episode Rabbid Dreams reveals that the Hypno Fan has a different effect on humans.  Regardless of whether the victim is a Rabbid or Human, the effect wears off when the victim hears a snapping or clapping noise.It is used by normal rabbids and the scientist rabbid.