Neatbots are recurring antagonists in Rabbids Go Home]]. There are two types of Neatbot. They can't be defeated and must instead be evaded. Another Neatbot makes an appearance as an antagonist in an episode of Rabbids Invasion.

In Rabbids Go HomeEdit

Types of NeatbotEdit

  • Vacuum Neatbot - These Neatbots move objects back to their places and can suck in a rabbid and put them back where they 'belong'. If they vacuum up the Rabbids, the Rabbids' will lose one Light Bulb.
  • Cleaning Neatbot - These Neatbots scrub floors to clean them. They will remain inactive if the floor is clean, however will become activate if they detect Rabbids with dirty feet messing up the floor. Their scrub brushes can damage Rabbids, however they are usually required to open certain doors, thus the Rabbids must get their feet dirty and lead it to the door in order to get the Neatbot to open the door. Rabbids can get their feet dirty by stepping in food trays, though their feet will become clean if they step in a puddle of water.

In Rabbids InvasionEdit

File:Rabbids Invasion Neatbot (Lost Rabbids).png

In the TV series, a Neatbot appears in appears as the antagonist in the episode Lost Rabbids when it is accidentally activated by the antics of two Rabbids and Alice after they become trapped in the Super Market after it closes. It attacks the Rabbids when it detects traces of food such as donuts and pizza on the Rabbids. Alice realizes that they can use the Neatbot to escape the supermarket and tries to lure it to the door with gumballs, but ends up slipping on one of the gumballs as the machine approaches. Fortunately the Rabbids defend Alice from the machine which stops. Using a battery from Alice's doll, they turn the Neatbot into a vehicle which they use to escape the store.