Omelet Party'''

Omelet Party

Original broadcast
August 3, 2013
Episode number
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Directed by
Written by
Olivier Jean-Marie
Omelet Party is the first episode of Rabbids Invasion, and the first one overall.


The Rabbids become fascinated with the process of how chickens lay eggs.

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Four Rabbids are walking down an unpaved road. #3 decides to trick #2 and stops walking, allowing #2 to bump into him. Just as he gets up they hear a clucking noise, a chicken. The four rabbids proceed to walk in a circle around the chicken, imitating the chicken's actions. When the chicken starts to walk away the rabbids stop (except for #2, who walks right into #3 for the second time). When he gets up, he sees the others are gone, feeling left out, he glumly walks around the chicken coop. #2 hears another chicken in the coop and "sings" it a "song", which the chicken repeats and lays an egg. #2 wonders what it is so he decides to show the others, but he trips over a rock causing the egg to go flying at #3. Seeing its egg hit the rabbit causes the chicken to faint, but #1 & #4 laugh at #3. #3 grabs a chicken and challenges #2 to an "Egg War". While #1 &#4 watch, #2 dons a helmet and the rabbids fire eggs at each other, which #2 shows ninja-like abilities, such easily dodging eggs and running along the wall of a hen-house. At first #2 seems like he's going to win, but as he tries to finish his #3 he discovers that his chicken is out of eggs, allowing #3 to gain the upper hand. He runs into a chicken coop and takes an egg from a nest, using it to ambush #3, only to find that upon throwing the egg it hatches.The newborn chick believes the #3 is its mother, to his annoyance and the other's amusement. The rooster approaches scaring the Rabbids, so #2 & #3 put the chick back in the egg and the egg back in the chicken, this only makes the rooster angrier. The rabbids run into a pasture full of cows to hide. #2 wants to try another egg battle so he sings the communication song to a cow while the other Rabbids wait by the rear end of the cow, but instead of eggs, #3 gets a face full of manure. The episode ends with #3 screaming "BWAAAAAAAH!".

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