Rabbidland is a junk filled area that some of the Rabbids have made their home that appears in Rabbids Invasion. It is revealed to be connected to John and Gina's testing facility and is the main source of the Rabbids used in their experiments as shown in Welcome to Rabbidland.


Rabbidland features an old broken down School Bus, a ramp used by the Rabbids in their various attempt to go to the moon. A chair and a cardboard TV (a Cardboard cutout that they use to simulate watching television). Their is also a Outhouse which is connected to the testing facility and allows John and Gina to obtain Rabbids for testing, as any Rabbid who flushes themselves down the Toilet will be sent to the Testing Facility. Rabbids ejected from the testing facility via its trapped doors are inadvertently sent back to Rabbidland, resulting in a vicious cycle where Rabbids are sent back and forth between the Testing Facility to Rabbidland and back to the Facility only to repeat the process over again.

Several of the Rabbids who live their are shown trying to come up with various harebrained plans to reach the moon.


  • Rabbidland is similar to the Junkyard]] from Rabbids Go Home, as both places are trash dump-like places where Rabbids live.
  • It is implied in "Welcome to Rabbidland", that John and Gina are unaware of the repeated cycle of them sending Rabbids to Rabbidland only for them to end up being sent back in the training facility by flushing themselves down the Toilet. This also produces a flaw in the testing method of their experiments, as they end up testing some of same Rabbids over and over again without realizing it.