Vampire Rabbid is the 67th episode of Rabbids Invasion.

Plot Edit

After getting some growth lotion on themselves, two Rabbids make a horror movie out of real life!

Summary Edit

The episode begins with the Rabbids discovering a lotion that is capable of growing hair. Amazed, they decide to use it. However, one Rabbid instead gets the lotion on his teeth, causing them to grow unusually large. Frightened, his friend runs away. He tells everyone else that their friend has turned into a monster. Meanwhile, the Vampire Rabbid meets a female Rabbid, who is also at first freaked out, but soon she gets some lotion on herself, causing her to have the same impact as the vampire Rabbid. A Rabbid mob comes with torches to kill the supposed monster, but after seeing what happened to the female, they immediately run away. The two Rabbids decide to be freaks together. Soon, the even meet a man working with a circus of freaks, who decides to take them with him.

Trivia Edit

  • This episode is a parody of the old horror movies.
  • Many references to The Twilight Saga are seen in this episode:
  • 1. The Female Rabbid transforms into a vampire (Similar to Bella).
  • 2. She initiates a romantic relationship with the male vampire ( A parody of Edward and Bella's relationship in the movie)